Magnetic resonance tools, easy to use.

About Me

My name is Hadi. This website was build during my PhD studies in the group of Prof. Enrica Bordignon at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum (now in University of Geneva). In my project there, I studied the conformation and dynamics of ABC transporter proteins using EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) techniques. The was an outcome of my interest in software development, a field in which I decided to do carrier after finishing my PhD.

About SpinToolbox

As I returned to academia after some years of work in the field of IT, following my undergraduate studies, I experienced a lack of well ordered, centralized code packages for EPR studies. Different pieces of codes are written by scientists who step in different scientific EPR groups. However, usually when people leave groups, their codes get lost, deprecated or cannot be modified by others who are not competent in that platform and need to be rewritten. Besides, most codes are dependent on commercial programs for running (mostly Matlab) and cannot be used on all computers.
I decided to do this in another way. I write my codes in python and then deploy them to the server which hosts this website so that everyone -without the necessity of prior coding knowledge- can use them on any computer provided that an internet connection is present.
For this purpose, I started with spin counting using continuous wave EPR. I hope the trend continues and I find enough time to develop and bring more functionalities to this website.

Your Job

Everyone can help this project.

Using the website and contacting me in the case you discover any errors or inaccuracy or you come up with any suggestions and ideas about implementing new features are easy for you and precious to me.


The SpinToolbox logo (idea and design) is a kind gift from Hamideh Timachi.
Markus Teucher is kindly acknowledged for presenting his helpful ideas during development and testing of online and offline tools.