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csvplot is a GNUplot code that searches through all .csv files in a folder and creates comparison plots with PDF, EPS and png output. This works on windows for now but one can easily adjust that for linux.

To use this package you need to have GNUplot installed on your computer. copy the downloaded file into any folder with csv files and run the file using GNUplot. In most of the cases, double clicking the csvplot_windows will do that for you. If you want to change the x axis limits, you can open the file in any text editor and set xstart and xend to your values.

View csvplot source code (gnuplot)


Operating system Download Comment
Windows (32/64 bit) Icon csvplot_windows (2.7 KB) Use the exe file to run. The application may take a while to open due to loading of default packages. If the applications closes unexpectedly the first time, try to reopen it.



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