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New Server

Published on: Oct. 21, 2021

SpinToolbox moved to a new server.

Spin counting new features

Published on: Dec. 12, 2018 online spin counting tool now allows you to save the results as an ASCII file.

DNPy: an open source code package for ODNP evaluation

Published on: June 7, 2018

DNPy is an open source Python code package to evaluate continuous wave (CW) Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization (ODNP) experiments with temperature effect correction functionality.

DEERplot now available as a python funtion.

Published on: March 9, 2018

DEERplot can now be used in python codes with a simple lightweight function call.

csvplot, a single file GNUplot code for plotting csv files

Published on: Feb. 20, 2017

csvplot is a single file GNUplot code for making a comparison plot out of all csv files in a folder.

DEERplot source available

Published on: Jan. 28, 2017

DEERplot python source code is published in and

DEERplot, a program to plot DEER distance measurements data has been published

Published on: Oct. 31, 2016

DEERplot is a program which takes the output files from the software package DeerAnalysis and plots the evaluated DEER distance measurements. DEERplot also enables you to create a comparison between unlimited number of DEER distance measurements. The plots can be seen on the screen and saved to a PDF output file. With 4 pages consisting of DEER trace and fitted background, form factor with fitted distance distribution function, distance distribution normalized to area under the distribution and distance distribution normalized to maximum distribution value, the vector PDF file is ready to be included in your presentations and publications.

Added data plotting functionality to DTAtoCSV program

Published on: Oct. 2, 2016

DTAtoCSV program can now create plot files with jpg, png and pdf formats.

DTAtoCSV, a program to convert DTA binary files to text data file is published

Published on: Sept. 27, 2016

DTA to CSV converter is a program that converts binary files created by Bruker Elexsys xepr to ascii csv file for easy reading and accessibility.

A windows application can be found at: DTA to csv converter

Phasing capability for simple data files

Published on: Sept. 23, 2016

As Miniscope bench-top devices support quadrature detection now, phasing capability has been added to simple data file upload in spin counting tool.

Pulsed EPR spin counting and Bruker xepr support

Published on: Sept. 5, 2016

Pulsed EPR (absorption spectrum) integral calculation and Bruker xepr files support are added to spin counting tool. Auto-phasing is also implemented. Initiation

Published on: Aug. 25, 2016

The is online !